AGE 8-10
What to use unstead of "The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe"?
Love N
6 years ago
Hello,Moving Beyond the page staff and homeschooling moms! I'm looking forward to use this curriculum this year (8-10), that i ordered through charter school. However,i have concerns with the books about magic, witches and etc. Is there any other books that i can use instead of this one? Thank you so much!
kimberly p c
6 years ago
I had this question because of my Christian faith and if you don't believe in any of the religions that follows the Bible this answer probably won't help. The book is written by a famous Christian author and is literally a retelling of Jesus's time on earth- resurrection and in the other series books the struggles after. The movie plays it down if you have seen it and plays up the magic. The witch is the Pharaoh in this retelling who had magicians, "magic" is in the Bible we see that when Pharaoh is convinced Moses is just another magician. I don't have any alternatives I'm only on 7-9 but after 2 months of seeing your post sitting unanswered I hope it's okay that I responded. This article explains it a lot better than I could and it is a perfect discussion to have on many levels with an 8-10yo.

It also is a great way to dig further into Jesus's time on earth and resurrection. You could make a diagram with similarities and differences as you read along. You would be surprised to see how many more similarities there are than differences. I can think of at least 3 dozen similarities off the top of my head and only a handful of differences.
Tiffany N c
5 years ago
Another tip that I have found is pretty common among stories that involve magic is that magic is usually used as a literary tool to explain how relationships are affected by our mindset and our choices. It is hard to protect your children from everything out in the world that you don't agree with, but it is always possible to help them look at it in a constructive and positive view.
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