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What is a good shared level for a kindergarten (almost 5) and second grade student (7)

Carrie Y
Aurora, CO
I'm new to homeschooling, but I'm exploring my options for the fall, as I'm worried about what public school will look like. I would like to teach them together as much as possible, as little sister is the tag along, always wanting to do what big sister is doing. What is a good combined level for them and which subjects are ok to combine?
Angela D
La Grande, OR
You can certainly combine two children on one curriculum. The obvious choice for these two would be the 5-7 curriculum but you also may want to consider the Age 6-8. We have placement tests online that you will want to look over carefully before choosing. You are able to make a level more difficult and you do not want to pick a level that is too challenging/frustrating for either of your children. Within the curriculum, we have differentiated activities. This means that there are often two options for completion with option 2 being more difficult or involved. Also, the projects at the end of the units often have several options for completion (for example: perform a play, write a poem, or create a diorama) so that two children can choose what is in their interest and ability level. If your children's level is very different, you could use different language arts levels and teach the science/social studies combined. This takes away some of the beauty of interdisciplinary learning (as the language arts reading won't align with science/social studies) but many families choose this option. Ultimately, you are the parent and the teacher and you can do as you choose. That is the beauty of homeschooling. (If you have further questions feel free to use our customer service email or phone line).