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Wait for Delivery or Start Now??

Danielle B
Kirkland, WA
Hi.Im brand new to homeschooling due to Covid and haven't ruled out continuing afterwards yet. I have a 3rd grade son that I purchased the 7-9 full year package in early September. I also have a kinder that i purchased a smaller, less intense curriculum for but I still have to dedicate some portion of the day to her :). My son is not keen to using the computer to do school. And Im really relying on the parent manuals to guide me in what to do. A big reason I purchased this is because it pretty much hands you your schedule. So its now late September and we haven't really started anything because I'm waiting on arrival. Im starting to get anxiety about getting too behind while waiting on materials. I printed some online lessons and we did the short first math lesson today but thats all we've actually done. My question is am i panicking over nothing? Will we catch up once the curriculum comes with his peers even starting two months late? I haven't had much time to "unschool" myself so its hard to turn off that feeling he's falling behind. My worry is if we do send him back to school next year that he'll be struggling. Honestly Im just scared Im doing everything wrong by waiting even though Id be much better at implementing things with physical materials. I did order a couple literature books from Amazon that should arrive early October. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance
Angela B
College Station, TX
Hi Danielle, and welcome to homeschooling and Moving Beyond the Page! First, I want to say that your anxiety is very common among virtually all new homeschooling families. We all want what is best for our kids, and education is certainly not an exception. These unprecedented times are trying for everyone and most people are just trying to do their best for their families in these new circumstances.

One of the best things about homeschooling in general is that things really do move at a better pace. Once you get started, your child can move ahead quicker if they're strong in a concept or slow down depending on his needs. That means if you're starting later than everyone else, it's likely he will catch up and even go further than his public school peers. Moving Beyond the Page is a rigorous curriculum that's designed to take concepts further, more in-depth; and that translates to more successful year overall. It's unlikely if you work through the curriculum that he would be behind.

I know you're waiting on your materials and anxious to get started. You can go to the Online Curriculum section and download a few activity pages that can get you started in a routine. A great place to start would be some the Amazing Weather activities such as the "Perfect Weather" activity and the Daily Weather Log activity. Many of those initial activities do not require the use of a book, and once your materials arrive you can go back and review. Also, login to your Learning Gates access and begin working through the spelling lists and available math. A lot of your anxieties will be eased when you see how much he's learning each day even with a few simple activities.

A lot of the adjustment homeschooling families face is just getting started and how to structure their day. This is a good way to get started.