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using mbtp w/ adhd

Samantha M
Gatesville, TX
Hi I am looking for tips and advice on using mbtp with my child who has adhd. I would appreciate to hear from anyone who is currently using it. Thanks so much
Mona B
Sandston, VA
My son is adhd with some od, but really likes MBTP. We go at a slower pace so he can absorb. But, unlike other curriculums, the forgetfullness is very limited...I don't have to reteach over and over again. He gets it. MBTP lets him express it in his own terms. He said, on a tough day, he likes crafts, handwriting, and science. Well, they come for MBTP (except handwriting which is Handwriting Without tears) and he loves them. We use the 8-10 - which works because his twin is "gifted" and my younger son (8) is creative. My 8 yr old may be ADD, not sure, never had him tested, but he is slower at reading due to tracking issues (we get the books on tape too) and he has dysgraphia, but because MBTP has the two-level worksheet system, he is fully involved. It's been great for all their challenges.

Aimee K
St. Clair Shores, MI
Hello we use MBTP and LOVE IT! We take a lot of breaks so that my son wan work off some energy through a run around the yard, a video game, a puzzle, what every your son loves may work.

Also, I have an outline each day for him numbered from 1-10.
1. Read a chapter in a book
2. Spelling
3. Vocabulary Review
4. Snack Break
5. English (Primary Unit of study)
6. 30 Minute Break

7. Science
8. Lunch
9. Math (We are using Right Start and LOVE it)
10. I CAN Program by bob Alexander (We do this as a family and love it, GREAT positive encouragment and way of life)

On some days we have swimming or yoga, on other days we have music as well. I never put this as part of his school association. It is additional activities. This way he knows what he has to get done and thinks the rest is for fun.

I have a sorting system I found at JoAnns with 10 bins/trays. Each tray has his assignment for 1-10 and when the bins are empty he is done with his school work.

It does take organization and preparing ahead on your part as the parent/teacher but it has worked out great.

Blessings from the Kilcher
Samantha B
Summerville, SC
We currently use the 9-11 yr with our almost 11 yrd old who is add, we just take it slower, typically taking 2 days to complete a lesson and up to a week for a 2 day lesson. I feel that this reinforces the lesson a little more with him. We also use HWT, Sequential Spelling, AVKO Typing and Math-U-See daily as part of our curriculum. We also use 5-7 with our 5 yr old and take it just as slow, he also uses Math U See and HWT, both boys are enjoying this and are learning from each others lessons as wel. We have found that taking plenty of breaks helps them both, also we just moved to Indonesia so they are taking on learning a new language and adjusting to the culture of a new country as well. We usually start our day around 9am and try to be finished by 3pm this gives them some structure as well as a goal to finish their day. i have also incorperated Fun Friday into our week, where if they finish all of their weekly lessons then they get to pick science experiments to perform (as long as I can get the supplies), most weeks they are done early and even offer to double lessons to have more time on Fridays.

Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
Lots of timed breaks. 15 minutes to 20 minutes of good work, with a 5-10 min break.
Keep a chart like with a velcro. Draw picture of what to do next and have them take the card off.
Slow the pace down. We take at least two months to finish one book.
For my younger son the 4-5yrs, I shelved it nearly for a year or more until the household calmed down.
Marla S
Marietta, GA
I don't know what age you are wondering about, which I think can make a big difference with how you manage adhd. My child is currently in 8th, doing the 12-14 level. He works independently and is able to keep on schedule, but I have to make sure I check his work frequently, to make sure no assignments have been left undone. As long as he knows he is accountable, he can manage this system pretty well, because it is laid out in such an organized way (we use the online version). Now, if you asked me this question when he was in 5th grade my answer would have been completely different. Also, he is VERY physically active, the more sports I put him in the more energy he has, and the better he can concentrate during the school portion of his day. (He currently spends 3-6 hours a day in physical activity, sports practice, biking, karate etc.) Without the physical he could not do the mental, because of this he is very busy...but he is very happy being that busy, so it works out. He loves MBP and hopes they have the high school level ready for him next year.