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Using curriculum for 2 children at the same time

Ashley K
LaPlace, LA
Hi, I have 2 children (9 & 10) that I will soon be purchasing the 8-10 curriculum for. For 7-9 we order the complete curriculum + the consumable package. For 8-10, I see that they have science kits that include the odds & ends (LIFESAVER!!) in the complete curriculum package, but it's not included in the consumables package. The only things in the consumables package is the worksheets, Dino dig, & sled kite.

My question: If you've done this level, especially if you did it with 2 at the same time, do you feel like getting extra science kits (any other manipulatives other than what's listed) is unnecessary? I don't want to have to run around last minute collecting things because they should really each have their own set... kinda defeats the purpose of even getting the one set to begin with. Also don't want to spend over $100 on extra materials that we likely won't use. Thanks.