Age 9-11 notify me

Using 9-11 with 5th grader coming out of public school

Sarah S
Roswell, GA
I have given my son the placement test and it seems this level is appropriate for him in terms of his reading and writing. He has been in public school up until this point and they use a chronological approach to teaching history/ social studies. Some of the topics (constitution, revolution, Declaration of Independence, Lincoln, Boston Tea Party...) appear like they will be repeats for him as they were covered in 4th grade (although I’m not sure to what extent and I’m sure a review with more depth and meaning would be just great!). He is almost 10 and would be in 5th grade when we plan to use this curriculum. Additionally they read A Wrinkle In Time this past year as well. I’m just trying to get a handle on the best way to approach this. Some of the 10-12 curriculum appears to cover things that would be covered in public 5th grade. Thanks!
April L
Atlanta, GA
Hi Sara, we are in the same boat, my son just finished up his fourth grade year in a charter school in Atlanta, we are going to start homeschooling with MBTP 9-11 this fall, these areas will be repeats for my son as well but we are just going to consider it review and build on what he has already learned, with this being our first year homeschooling I think it will give him and I both a bit of confidence
Rachel H
Galt, CA
My 10 year old has covered some of these, and we read My Side of the Mountain as a family last year. I am sure she will be happy to have an easy week here and there. She also studied our state with a private history class last year, so I plan on skipping state work, unless she asks for it.