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Unsure of which level to start with

Shauna M
Massillon, OH
Hi there,

Our son just turned 6 years old in June. Last year, we spent a lot of time just figuring things out. ,started with the online K12 public charter school and it did not go well at all! Our guy has Asperger's, and he tested on a gifted level during the school assessments. But, he has his own interests and that program left no time for him to learn about what he loves.

He can count to 100, patterns come easy, has a general overview of the world, continents, etc.. (he could at the beginning of last year) has known his shapes, colors, and the alphabet and sounds since he was 3 yrs old. But, reading never takes off for him. I'm unsure of why..He has the ability, and we have lots of phonics books. He can read the simple ones with ease, but he really dislikes doing so. It's really frustrating sometimes.

We have learned that he's a hands-on learner, so project based studies are great for us. Unit studies work well too because he likes to learn EVERYTHING about a subject. Ages 4-5 was vacuum cleaners, and he taught himself how to fix them, reviewed them, and so forth. Now he's into instruments and music, with bugs on the side. We take him to watch the local marching band practice, he's learning the recorder, we're doing some genre investigating and so forth.

To get to my point here, I want nothing more than to try Moving beyond the page with him. I know it's a GREAT literature-based curriculum. He loves being read to and exploring books. But, he knows most of the concepts in the 5-7 level, yet...he does not read well enough for the 6-8 level. So, I'm unsure what to do exactly..I'm afraid he will be bored w/ the younger and frustrated with the older due to his reluctance to read. Any ideas?
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Shauna,

Thanks for your question. Your son sounds like my oldest at that age. The reading level can be frustrating when you know that he is intelligent enough to do more. Our son resisted reading for years until he was finally able to read books that were interesting. Reading all these boring little books was little different than picking up toys. It was drudgery. Once he could read simple chapter books, however, we couldn't slow him down if we wanted to. Getting to that point was challenging, however. I have spoken with other parents that have had a similar experience. Hopefully yours will be the same.

My recommendation would be to try Concept 3 or Concept 4 from Age 5-7. The books and writing are more advanced in the second semester, and it would give him more reading and writing practice at his level. After finishing one of those concepts, you will be in a good position to either choose the other concept from second semester, or you can jump up to Age 6-8 if you see some advancement. All the while, continue to provide your son with reading practice, and maybe even reading some simple chapter books to keep him motivated to continue.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.