Traveling with MBtP / Roadschooling
momma b
5 years ago
Has anyone used MBtP while one the road or traveling frequently? I'm looking at the "shopping list" and it looks fairly extensive, and i won't have a ton of space...
Monika T c
5 years ago
Hi mamab. I am a young mother that is always spending the night everywhere but home and my son is introduced to all kinds of environments whenever we are on the move. The key to my constant moving is to have consistent days throughout the week that he will be learning. This also includes projects. So long as you have a folder system and maybe a place to put all your child's finished projects, you should be ok. I currently store all of my son's big projects or basically non-folder-fitting activities at my job and my parents when I am there. The other thing that could weigh you down are the supplies, but the trick with this is to clear out your trunk and set up compartments. I know this sounds like a bit much, but this helped me to stop being a habitual pack rat, hoarder, you name it. I got busy and made my trunk his work cabinet. Every time a box of supplies come for the year, I sort through the box placing current year things on top by subject/year(s). The compartment arrangement is solely up to you. Whatever works for you to remember which year and supplies goes with what. I know this seems like a mouthful, but they learn so much so quickly and it frees up time for them to do other fun things with you.

On the other hand, if you are not wanting to constantly sort and keep up with the current curriculum every time. For every time that you pass a goodwill, you can just keep the boxes in respectable order. Then, give it to the goodwill or salvation army or another child in need. I go through what I go through because I have a history of hoarding lol. No, seriously, I never know when I may have another child and it saves on cash to just pass the box down to the next child. Easy!

Good Luck Mamab
momma b
5 years ago
Thank you. I will need to come up with a good system for bringing what is needed & nothing more. We are usually away from "home" for about a month at a time, so hopefully I can just bring enough work for that time and then exchange it when we are home.
Jessica Y c
5 years ago
We travel full time in our RV and I use this program for our boys. I love it. I have designated areas in our RV where I store school supplies and it works just fine. You just need to purge often. And each unit will list all materials you need to have for upcoming lessons so you can purchase those as needed rather than all at once.
Michele M c
5 years ago
We travel full-time It's a challenging program to travel with unless you are in an RV. We backpack frequently and had to take a year off. We only use the program when we're somewhere for a long period of time
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