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Timeline pages

Natalie V
Pine Bush, NY
Does anyone have a copy of the timeline pages? I dont have them and we need for lesson 1. Where do I find them?
Evelynn C
Greensboro, NC
I see that this was posted almost a year ago without a response. I, too, am looking for the timeline pages. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.
Bettina W
Graham, TX
I just ordered mine from here -
Anne Marie B
Baton Rouge, LA
I have the timeline pages and the timeline cards but the cards are not numbered and therefore the directions for using them do not make sense to us. The first assignment says to cut out cards 1-6 and add them to the timeline. I can't just do it by date, because I think they want us to do this for the particular civilizations we are studying.
Kim E
Cameron Park, CA
These come with the manipulatives package but can also be purchased individually.

Here is the link to order the timeline pages

Here is the link to the timeline cards:

Hope that helps.