Time Commitment? and 1 or 2 programs for 2 kids?
Anne C c
3 years ago
Hi! My kids are just 6 (grade 1) and just 8 (grade 3). I am going to homeschool them for the first time ever, due to COVID. No learning option has felt right or good until I found MBTP. I am finally feeling excited, inspired, and like I have found the right fit.

(1) First of all, I am trying to make sure I have realistic expectations for time. I would like to dedicate 8 am to noon daily at the kitchen table with both kids. Then I am planing on working from 1-5 daily. Is this realistic? Am I biting off more than I can handle? If not realistic, then what is?

(2) Second of all, and maybe this impacts the prior question: Would it be efficient, and also an effective beneficial learning experience for both children if I covered LA and Math separately and they shared S and SS? And if so, which S or SS program should I use? From an efficiency standpoint, this sounds great! My concerns are (1) holding the 8YO back or pushing the 6 YO too hard. Both kids are the fastest readers in their classes at school. The 6YO is in Beginning Level 1 readers with me next to her, and the 8YO is in chapter books independently. (2) One child will have thematic LA content with their S and SS, while for the other child, the LA won't match the theme of the S and SS. (3) My 6 YO may "shut down." The 6 YO takes a French class w the 8YO and she won't even try bc the 8YO outperforms her. I don't want her to shut down bc they are using the same content. (4) The 6YO tested a grade ahead into the MBTP grade 2/age 6-8 reading, so hopefully I'm not pushing her too hard. She always wants to read challenging books and her school teachers told me to make her ready easier materials so she gets a solid foundation. But even the age 6-8 reading test was easy for her. She was more challenged on the part of the test where she needed to write 3 sentences. It took her long and she got frustrated wanting to spell words correctly and not knowing how.
Angela D c e
3 years ago
First of all, it is possible to finish the schoolwork at those levels in the first half of the day. I would encourage you to consider completing the reading for the next day's work with your oldest before bedtime so that they are able to get started in the morning. As for specifics on what to do for your children, it may be best to email or call customer service to discuss the details of your individual family.
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