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Spread out over 2 years?

Christa B
Westminster, MD
I am looking to ease my son into more schooling at home this summer and next school year. He will be 5 in September but has another year before Kindergarten would officially start as the cut-off is 5 by end of August here in MD. He has been in preschool 3 mornings/week this year and we plan to continue to send him next year for 2 or 3 mornings/week. I would like to begin more schooling activities at home this summer (when I am off of work) to have something established for the Fall when I will be working 3 days/week. I think 1-2 hours of more formal "school" 4-5 days/week would be do-able for us. My thought is we may be able to use the 5-7 curriculum but spread it out over 2 years so it is not as intense. Has anyone done this before or have any advice doing so? Thank you!
tej c
oviedo, FL
My son is of similar age to yours (he will be 5 in Nov) but we are starting Kindergarten work either this summer or early fall, since he is ready for more challenging work than what preschool has to offer. (technically he could go to free preK in the Fall based on his birthday since our cutoff is Sept 1 for K, but he's already advanced past that level and since we plan to h.s. anyway we are just keeping him home and starting K a little early. The way I look at it, if we were going to go to private school, or school in other states, he would be K this fall).

5-days a week isn't realistic for us on a regular basis, due to enrichment classes, co-op, field trips, etc that we have planned. So we will do 3-days a week so that each unit will take 5 weeks instead of 3 - which should get us at just over a full year (60 weeks) if we didn't take any breaks. Assuming we take time off for week-long camps, vacations, etc - that would put us at close to two school years (since a typical school year is 36 weeks).