Spelling 6-8
Sara C c
1 years ago
We haven't really done any of the spelling in 6-8 program as we practice/correct our spelling with a handwriting curriculum and journal entries. Also, it was hard to do the spelling because the spelling in the lesson never aligned with Mondays. Sometimes it was a Wednesday or Friday when the spelling activity appeared. We will be using MBTP 7-9 in 2023-2024. How does the spelling aspect change for the next grade of the curriculum? Is it sprinkled in the lessons like 6-8 or is it scheduled ahead of time?
1 years ago
Hello! Starting at Age 7-9 we move away from the method used in Age 6-8 and begin using our Learning Gates Spelling Program. Learning Gates is an adaptive online spelling platform. You can read more about how we do spelling here:
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