Age 6-8 notify me


Erica G
Meridian, ID
I found a spelling worksheet on the moving beyond the page website and printed it out before receiving the curriculum. I am guessing now that it is not one that is necessarily used for spelling at this level. Are we just to have them practice writing them in a journal and then doing the activity pages with them that are in the curriculum? Are there additional things I am supposed to be doing with the spelling words?
Lindsey C
Thank you! I had the same question.
Joannie S
Henderson, NV
Piggy-backing onto this thread since it's related...I see on this page here: that the spelling words for concept 2 correspond with the old concept 2 (Measurement) and not the current one (Relationships). Is there an updated spelling list for concept 2?
Kaitlin G
Fort Morgan, CO
Where do we access the 6-8 year old words online while we are waiting for our poster? I found the spelling worksheets, but not the actual words. Thank you!
Hannah R
Wills Point, TX
You can either wait for the poster, look up the 100 most common words online to use now, or try out the Learning Gates program.

At the Age 6-8 level, we provide a 100 Words to Read and Spell poster to start spelling lessons with your child. There are also spelling sheets provided that can be used with either the 100 Words poster or some of the vocabulary words from your unit.

We do not start a formal spelling program until the Age 7-9 curriculum with our online Learning Gates program. You are welcome to use it early as many people do. It can be found here... This is a one-year subscription for all children in your household for $25. There is also a free 30-day trial of Learning Gates available on our website.