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slower pace?

Malena H
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello, I just started MBTP with my bright but probably not gifted 7.5 year old and my ADHD, mildly dyslexic,gifted 9 year old. I also have a 19 month old running around distracting us as we try to work. I am having both boys do the 7-9 level, both read fairly well but struggle with writing. We did lesson 1 of "Tornado" yesterday and it went fairly well. My 7 year old could have probably done a bit more work at that point, but there is no way in the world that I would have been able to keep my 9 year old focused any longer and thus we did not get through the first science lesson like were were "supposed to". I was thinking that we would alternate days, do LA one day and Science or social studies the next, but if we do that we would only get through about half of the material in a year. What should we do if we don't make it through a whole years worth of material in one year? Should we just keep going with the 7-9 level until done and then move up to 8-10? Should I reassess them periodically and move up to the next level when I feel they are ready even if we don't finish the whole level?
kimberly p
Garland, TX
The joy of homeschooling is you are able to go at your child's pace. Some days I do 2 lessons, some days I do 1/2 of one lesson. The main thing you need to decide is if your going to teach them together or separate. If you want to teach together stay with 7-9 until all the curriculum is complete and concepts are learned, then retest, go at the 9year olds pace. Your 7yo has plenty to learn outside of MBTP in Math and writing and even reading that they can go on their own pace so doing less of MBTP won't mean less learning. The idea share here also should have plenty to continue his MBTP learning without getting ahead book wise of the 9yo.

I would only retest before curriculum was complete if they were bored because it's too easy AND if you are willing to teach separately. Curriculum could easily be modified individually to be harder then the hard work provided. However, having a 19 month old and teaching 2 separate curriculum is not easy. You could practice teaching separately by teaching 7-9 at each child's pace. Even if they don't test higher, your 7yo, if worked with individually would probably finish 7-9 and start 8-10 by February or March. Your 9yo however could surprise you after seeing what projects the 7yo is working on by wanting to catch up and work together. Or stay on something like the MBTP year round (or more) schedule and finish 7-9 by June.

My 2017/2018 plan has left over MBTP lessons that will carry into 2018/2019. My plan is loose but very detailed and realistic. It will be the first year my youngest won't be tagging along. I will be teaching 4-5 (again) and 7-9 along with their respective grade level extras. Just the thought of it, because after 3 years of HSing I know what I'm getting myself into, would be insanely overwhelming for me without a roadmap. So my advice is always figure out your realistic goals and limitations. Which isn't always easy when first starting out.
Jennifer P
I agree with kimberly p...some days I can do both the LA & SS/S lesson and other days I just do LA or SS/S. It depends how long it takes and how long our math lesson is that day. My child has autism so we are also working on fine motor, gross motor, life skills, and social skills so sometimes the academics is lighter and other days we do predominantly academics. Either way, he is getting so much more of an education through this program in the homeschool environment than he ever received in the SDC at the public school. I absolutely love MBTP and recommend it highly.


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