Skipping around in Concepts
Alicia W c
2 years ago
Can I skip around in concepts and not follow the order? So, can I do history before I do climate and weather?
2 years ago
You can do that! To get the benefits of how interdisciplinary the curriculum is, make sure you still use the corresponding Language Arts Unit that goes with whatever Social Studies or Science unit you're studying.

It sounds like you're in Age 10-12. So instead of studying Weather and Climate with The Wanderer, you'd do Geography and Landforms with The People of Sparks.
Alicia W c
2 years ago
How about going to other concepts in different units or are the materials based on difficulty as the units get higher?
c e
2 years ago
Generally, you want to match the units together that are meant to go together. The different levels will have more or less difficulty. You will want to look carefully at our placement assesssments. The assessment evaluates both reading and writing ability. These skills are needed for language arts, social studies, and science as you will need to read the necessary literature for all three of these subjects.
Kitty V
1 years ago
Yes, absolutely!
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