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Similar books for Parent to read.....

momma b
I have the 7-9 MBtP full curriculum for my daughter.

I'd love to find similar books to read (myself) while she is reading her MBtP books. I think this will enrich our discussions and allow for some interesting comparisons.

Has anyone done this? Any recommendations for me? I'd love to find a book (for me) similar to:

Sarah Plain and Tall (historical fiction set in the plains, 19th century)
Who Was Helen Keller
Morning Girl (life in pre-Columbian Caribbean)
The Family Under the Bridge (Perhaps a book about life & traditions in France, or a family surviving extreme financial hardships)
The Shamans Apprentice (Shamanism / Amazon)
Xochitl and the Flowers (American immigration story)

If you have book suggestions for me, i'd love to hear them!

Also open to other suggestions based on the 7-9 curriculum.
Raquel D
I don't have any suggestions as to comparable books, but we ordered the same curriculum that you are working on for my children last school year. What I would do, is go to the library and pick up the same book for the unit my child was working on, and we would read the books together. I found it very helpful instead of having to look over their shoulder and read along. They would just tell me what page they were on, and I could refer to my book, and help them when needed. It was actually great that we were able to read the books together, and I could understand what they were asking when help was needed. Just a suggestion. :) Have a great school year!
Raquel D
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