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Sensitive material? Good level?

kris e
hull, MA
I have sensitive 12 year old. He's advanced in many areas but I want to be sure the subject matter is not too overwhelming for him. I'm looking at the titles for 10-12, 11-13, and 12-14, as according to the guidelines here he should be in 12-14....But, many other sources have the titles listed here in lower levels to actually be better suited for older kids, in higher grades. Do people feel like these books are "appropriately" ( for lack of a better word) placed? I'm not really concerned about the work expectations because I think he could handle that part of it fine, and of course am here to help....Thanks for thoughts!
Christina M
North Logan, UT
I have found that MBTP can introduce sensitive topics too early. I have chosen to take a different approach to SS with my younger child, but I find it appropriate for my older son (13). He is sensitive, too, and there are times where even he has said, "Mom this is really upsetting, I don't want so much detail." I respect that.
Jane C
Mcminnville, OR
Thank you for sharing your feelings on the reading material. We have the same issue here in our home. We are finishing up 10-12 this year and I am reviewing 11-13 to see if it will be a good match. At one point my daughter tossed a book on the table and announced she couldn't stomach reading any further. (subject matter; death, choosing to live or die) Last month, we ended up substituting a different fictional book for one of the units to give my daughter a break from the reading material. Choosing to read a different book brings it's own challenges since MBTP weaves the assigned reading into the L/A work. Let's face it, that's what makes MBTP awesome. However, I need to base my decision for next year's curriculum on the reading material and if it will inspire and benefit my daughter.
Rachelle B
Indianapolis, IN
Not 11-13, but in 12-14 my sensitive daughter found To Kill A Mockingbird highly upsetting. Everything else in 12-14 was an absolute perfect fit. But this book could have waited to high school or even later.