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Sarah, Plain and Tall

Jennifer G
Pinehurst, NC
We are in our first 4 weeks to MBTP. My son loved the first 3 weeks using the book Tornado, however here we are in our first week to unit 2 and I've lost him with this book Sarah, Plain and Tall. He has no interest in it. We did one lesson and no I am not sure what to do? For a second I was going to skip to Charolettes Web but he isn't really interested in that book either. He did love the book, Torando and isn't usually picky, but I'm homeschooling to keep him interested and he dreads these two reads that I have the curriculum for now. Ideas?
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
Read it aloud to him? Have him listen to them on Audibles? Then discuss together. Maybe come up with some hands-on projects. Charlotte's Web would be perfect for Halloween with the study of Spiders. Sarah Plain and Tall.... based on my memory of the book, be good for study on farms, farm animals. Grow farm veggies. Go visit a real farm. Study on different families that your son knows.