Christy C c
1 years ago
Is the return process really as simple as they state? My daughter is almost 4 but through everything I am looking at, 6-8 should be easy for her to do. As a single mom though, I am super hesitant to spend several hundred dollars on something that once I get to see it all, isn't going to be a good fit. I am a teacher, with a degree in gifted education, but I feel like that has just made it harder for me to find something to use because I scrutinize so many aspects of it. I am finally optimistic with this curriculum but am honestly a little concerned she may be bored with much of it, so I really want to take a better look at it but I have commitment issues ��
1 years ago
Hi Christy, while the returns process is fairly simple and straight forward (30 days for refund/90 days for site credit, customers pays return shipping) a way to avoid that situation completely is to administer the placement assessment to your child for the age levels you're considering.

Age 6-8 follows 2nd grade standards, so you'll definitely want to do that before committing to such a big purchase. All of the curricula is written with gifted students in mind, so we don't usually recommend aging up that much in most circumstances. Give us a call or email customer support if you'd like to chat further 888-316-8242 option 2 or [email protected]
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