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Resources for homrschooling

Ashley W
Can anyone recommend me some best online resources and mobile apps that I can suggest for my children to go through for mathematics?
Kerensa M
Aguilar, CO
Teaching Textbooks is a complete video-based curriculum with an online option. (Monthly cost)

CTC Math is a complete online video-based curriculum. (Monthly cost)

Time4Learning is an all-in-one online video-based curriculum; math can be taken separately. (Monthly cost)

Khan Academy is an online video-based program that is best for review but can be used as a complete curriculum. (Free)

MobyMax is an online video-based curriculum that is generally used for review and filling in gaps, but can be used as main curriculum. It can be used for learning/reviewing new concepts, and/or for reviewing math facts. (Free, with paid option that offers extra perks)

Math Mammoth is paper-based, but is sold as PDF download and worksheets can be answered via typing using Adobe Reader. (Per-book cost)

Xtra Math is a program for learning and reviewing math facts. (Free)

DiscoveryK12, Acellus Academy, and Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool (free, monthly cost, and free) are complete online curricula with a math component, but have corresponding worksheets or require work to be done on paper as well. (Teaching Textbooks might also have a worksheet component, but I think it's optional.)

These are the online math resources I've used or thought about using. I'm not sure which have corresponding apps.