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Remove Age Recommendations from Covers of Guides?

Maureen S
Everett, WA
I consider one of the perks of homeschooling to be being able to adapt to my children's strengths and weaknesses. My youngest is right on target with her age range for LA, SS, and SCI. I believe, however, that she has some sort of math learning disability. We tried so many different brands of math curriculum. We just started MBtP math this week, and love it so far. Unfortunately, my daughter is 9, almost 10, and we are using the math for ages 6-8. Her self esteem for math is already low and it is not helping having ages 6-8 printed on all of the guides and the notebook. I just wanted to suggest that maybe MBtP might consider labeling the guides and notebooks with things like "Level 1" or "Level A" instead of the age range. Other companies have also used names like "Jade level", "Emerald level", (or different birds or whatever) etc. Anyway, I know MBtP is considered to be oriented towards gifted kids, so maybe it is not relevant for most people. Thanks very much for a wonderful curriculum!
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Maureen,

We are certainly sympathetic to the issue that you raised. One of the reasons that we use age ranges to begin with, for example, is to remove the stigma of a 5th grader using a 3rd grade curriculum. We want kids to be able to be placed in the right age level to challenge them keep them progressing in their education. We do understand that kids have different needs, and their age doesn't dictate that.

We will discuss your issue as we plan for the future this fall. I can say that if we do decide to make a change, it won't happen soon. We have inventory of covers that will take a few years to work through, and we are not in a position to just write all of them off.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or recommendations.

Michelle S
Yes completely agree. Or maybe label on the inside where the publishing info is. Even if it takes years, it'd be awesome.
amy m
riverton, UT
If totally removed, please still keep it clear what "age" level they are on your website or do mark it above the bar code. Or maybe just replace the word "age" with the word "level". I know it might be silly—but I have not purchased curriculum that wasn't clear on age/grade level range because it caused confusion on where I should start, but I do totally get the defeat it could cause with kids working at different levels. (Maybe cover with printer labels for a quick fix?) The numbers on the guide also help keep me organized with multiple children and a smaller space-I might not remember who is supposed to study Ben an Me, but a "level 8-10" on the front makes it easy when glancing to grab stuff for their next unit.
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
What I like is the color-coding. I never can remember the ages so I tell people I am working through the yellow ones, purple ones or green ones with so and so. If the ages are printed, print it somewhere small inside and just in the catalog and website. I think it can demoralize those who need to work at a lower age level to constantly see it every day what ages that set of books are for. Interestingly, I went to a school that was color level. K was Rainbow, 1st was yellow etc. Some ckasses were combined colors. I loved that school for some reason.