Age 8-10 notify me

purchased 8-10 curriculum

Vanessa T
Clermont, FL
Hi, we are brand new to homeschooling and just purchased the age 8-10 curriculum. Will we have access to the online section? Thanks.
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Vanessa,

You will have access to the online spelling program called Learning Gates. You can access this by clicking the online link in the upper right corner of our website. If you have an iPad, then you should try out our iPad app. Kids can spell the words by writing with their fingers instead of typing.

You have opted for the hard copy curriculum, so you won't be accessing the curriculum through our website. It is the same curriculum either way, so you aren't missing out on anything here.

When there are links in the curriculum, we do provide clickable (and sometimes updated) links through the IdeaShare section of our website. Just click the IdeaShare tab at the top of the page, navigate to your lesson, and the links will be there for you.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.