Providing Description of Curriculum for school districts
Kate F c
2 years ago
We are in the process of submitting our notice of intent to homeschool in VA. I have to submit a description of the curriculum along with a list of subjects our child will be studying this year. Do you just pull the description off the website? What have others done who have had to do this? We have not ordered our MBTP curriculum yet, but we are excited.
Angela D c e
2 years ago
For courses, I will use the description of the individual units online. For example, the Human Body Systems unit states, "In this unit, you will explore the human body. Each lesson will cover one of the nine systems in the human body and their main organs. This includes the muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. You will also learn about how the human body grows and maintains development. For your final project, you will create a presentation through PowerPoint of poster board demonstrating your knowledge of the human body." I would use this as a base for my course description.
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