AGE 4-5
Phonics or reading supplement needed with MBTP?
Samantha C c
1 years ago
Hello, I recall reading somewhere on your website that MBTP can or should be used with a reading/phonics supplement. Do I have that right? And if so, are there any particular programs that are recommended? My son is almost four and enjoys being read to. In the past few weeks, he has begun pointing out letters he notices, particularly W, and occasionally likes when I use my finger to follow along with the words being read to him. I haven't started MBTP yet, but have purchased the 4-5 curriculum and think it's excellent.
1 years ago
Hello! We do recommend a reading program for Age 5-7 and 6-8 to round out the reading standards. We offer ABeCeDarian at the moment, but that will soon be replaced with our own Moving Beyond the Page Reading Program. In the Age 4-5 curriculum, you'll cover letters and their sounds to start early reading writing. It sounds like he's ready for Age 4-5!
Fatima G c
1 years ago
I also use a program called reading eggs it is a yearly subscription that I think is well worth it. It is really wonderful all my kids never complain when I tell them to do their reading eggs while I'm working with another child. I don't know if you'd consider it an all out phonics program but my kids learned how to read with with it fairly quickly. I don't let my kids have much screen time but if I do I'd rather them be on that then watching nonsense on YouTube or playing non educational crap video games.
Kelli A c
1 years ago
Is there an estimated release date for Moving Beyond the Page's? I feel like I had seen it somewhere but cannot find it.
Angela D c e
1 years ago
We plan on releasing our first level of reading around the beginning of August. We still have ABeCeDarian available for purchase if you would like to use their program as well.
Kelli A c
1 years ago
Is there any updates on if this is still coming out for the fall?
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