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Organization 4-5

Haleigh K
How do you organize the unit activities? What containers or cabinet do you use? Can you show me in photos? Link me to any fb forums that may be easier?
Apollina W
Stone Mountain, GA
I just left everything in the box in came in, but rearranged the bags so they are in order. That way all I have to do is grab the bag that's on top.
Naile B
Visalia, CA
I organize the 10 units in 10(18-qt) storage plastic bins. My favorite are the Hi-Rise ones from Hefty. They sell those at Target but you can use any from Sterilite or anything similar. The ones I use are 16-17 in W x 12 in D x 7-8 in H. The books and lesson plans fit perfectly inside. I got some self adhesive index cards pockets from Amazon. I put them on one side of the bin so that I could label the unit number and see what is inside. You can put all the bins on a shelve but I have them inside our homeschool closet and I pull them out when needed. The advantage of this system is that you can reuse the same bins year after year. The only thing you have to do is to change the labeled index cards. For each child I also keep a similar bin a bit more sophisticated from Michaels where I store all they need to do the work like notebooks, pencils, etc. I also have one science cart and one art cart ( I got those from Michaels on sale) to keep all you need to do the science and social studies projects. I have a home school room but I like everything clear of clutter and organized. I keep those carts inside the homeschool closet and pull them out when needed. The kids have their bins inside a small shelve next to their desks. I hope this helps.
alison d
kent, WA
I put mine in file folders by unit, usually 2-5 per hanging folder. I put the art supplies up on a shelf. For one child I had the books on the bookshelf. For the younger I put them in the file folder it worked well.