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Oregon Trail Won't Run :(

Jessica S
Champaign, IL
We've followed the 'do this if you have a newer computer' insert and it still won't run. Each time we double click the file we get an error message [Cannot locate "OregonII.DAT"] I have Windows 10 and a fairly new Lenovo laptop. Anyone else have this problem? My kids are so bummed.
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Jessica,

Can you send me an email at keith (at) movingbeyondthepage (dot) com, and I will help you troubleshoot. I am currently traveling, so I don't have the CD to try on my new computer, but I can still run through some basic troubleshooting with you. Hopefully we can get this working.

Tiffany H
White Plains, NY
Hopefully, you were able to get the game up and running, but for anyone else having the same problem: the issue is that the CD-ROM drive is not mapped as the disk is coded for. This YouTube video has easy to follow instructions: