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Oregon Trail software

Rebecca G
Nevada, TX
We went to start the Oregon Trail game today. My son was so excited!

We had a MacBook Pro. It should work, but it keeps saying the files are null when I try to start it. Even more frustrating, there is no technical support that I can find to help me through what really should be a simple problem. I guess because the game is so old? I'm going to have to download the iPad app for my son to play today. He worked really hard to get to it!

Has anyone else had this problem?
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Rebecca,

I am sorry about the Oregon Trail software not working on your MacBook. We have just learned about this issue in the last few months. If you have access to an iPhone, iPad, or an Android tablet, you should be able to download a version of the game created for those devices. I am not familiar enough with Apple computers to know if they have apps available for the computers themselves. Obviously if you have access to a PC, you can run the CD on your PC as well.

If you can contact me via e-mail at info( at ), I will see that you are reimbursed for the software that is not working for you.

Shelly B
Cary, NC
I also have a MacBook, and it doesn't have CD-ROM (as is the case with most new computers). Is there a downloadable version? The app is very different from the desktop game, and we'd really love to be able to play the desktop version.
Tiffany H
White Plains, NY
Modern Macs do not have the PowerPC feature required to run or install this game directly from the disc. However, you can still run Oregon Trail II on a Mac.

1. (simplest option) Install Windows into a virtual machine (such as Parallels) and install the game. [This method requires a copy of a Windows operating system disc AND a virtual machine; Parallels is retail software, VirtualBox is open source free software, but is more complicated to use.]

2. (less simple option) Use your Mac's built-in Boot Camp to install Windows on a hard drive partition, then install the game from the disc. [This method requires a copy of a Windows operating system disc.]

--How to use Boot Camp:
--How to install Oregon Trail II on current Windows OS:

3. (complicated option) Use a Classic Mac emulator such as SheepShaver. [This software is free.]

I initially used the third method above on my child's Mac, but I didn't like the interface restrictions. So, I installed the game again on my Mac's Boot Camp Windows (method two above), but the interface looks to be the same.

One could probably find a downloadable copy of Oregon Trail II on abandonware sites, but research is key to locating a reputable site. Otherwise, an Apple SuperDrive (external) is needed (or any external USB CD/DVD ROM drive).
Andrea S
Temple, TX
Here's a link to an online game I found.