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Shannon W
Houston, TX
(Sorry if I'm posting this question in the wrong area)
So we have purchased 2 age levels of full-year online curriculum. As we wait for the shipments I figured I'd start printing and prepping what I can. My questions:
-I'm confused on actual layout/process here. Do you start with Concept 1 Unit 1 and only after finishing all the Units move onto Concept 2? Or do all the Unit 1's kind of cross over? Meaning should I be doing all the Unit 1's at the same time and then Unit 2's or just one Concept at a time?
-Do you print the entire Concept your working on? Or just the Unit? No way I'll print/organize daily so trying to be pro-active :P

Thanks!! We're so excited to get started.
Keith H
Linton, ND
Hi Shannon. Thanks for reaching out with your question. You should definitely start in the getting started section. ( Watch the video for each age level, and it will answer many of your questions. (This link is coming with your shipment as well.)

To answer the question, you will work on one unit at a time. First you finish the Unit 1's, then you move on to the Unit 2's. Each unit will last about 3 weeks, so you shouldn't need to print more than that at any one time.

Let us know if you have other questions.

tej c
oviedo, FL
But if i understand correctly, you should finish one concept before moving on to the next concept, and do all the units in order within a given concept.
Vicki K
Valley, WA
Hi Tej,

Yes, that is correct. The curriculum is designed to be done in order. Concept 1 Unit 1 will be completed first then, Concept 1, Unit 2, and then Unit 3. You will then start Concept 2 units, etc.

Hope that helps.

Thank you,