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Online Curriculum

Jennifer L
Livonia, MI
I just ordered the 7-9 Math Curriculum and see I have an online option for now. Does the online option include the parent guide as well? Thank you.
Angela B
College Station, TX
Hi Jennifer! Yes, the /Online version of the curriculum has everything you need including the parent guide/overview.

The Difference Between the Online and Hard Copy

They are exactly the same.

Whether you choose online or hard-copy curriculum, you complete the same projects, activities, and readings. The choice of hard-copy or online just determines whether you read your lesson plan in a hard-copy book or whether you read about that same exact lesson plan on our website (and you print your own student activity pages). That's really it.

Don't worry too much about making the right decision. If you choose the online curriculum and later wish that you had the hard copy, we will upgrade you for the difference in price. We don't want you caught in something that is not right for you.

Here is some help in making the decision:
1) If you like to take a marker and write all over your lesson plans with your own ideas and possibilities, by all means get the hard-copy curriculum. Write on it to your hearts content. Bend the pages, scratch things out, and add your own flair. Hard-copy curriculum is for you.

2) If you like the feel of paper in your hands and prefer to have your hands on the curriculum you should obviously use hard-copy. You would be surprised at how many people state this as their reason for choosing hard-copy. Sometimes you just have to have it in your hands.

3) If you already read all of your news, books, and magazines on your phone or ipad and you really love not having the clutter of an extra 20 curriculum books around the house, you should consider online. You might really like it.

4) If you are struggling with the choice, choose hard-copy. About 2/3 of our customers use hard-copy curriculum, so you will be in good company.

Please note that when you buy online packages, the literature and manipulatives are still in hard copy form. We do not provide electronic books.