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newbie questions

Dana R
considering using MBTP. My kids I am trying to place are 7 (8 in April) and 6 (7 in November) I am looking for placement for the fall.

My daughter who is 7 is reading chapter books on a 1st/2nd grade reading level. I think level 6-8 would be to easy for her but am concerned that the next level would be to difficult.

my Son on the other hand doesn't know his letters yet and isn't reading. He likes being read to but doesn't really show interest in learning to read. So, I don't know where to place him.

can you mixed LA and literature from different levels?
angel f
Little Rock, AR
I had similar concerns! We just started homeschool last year, and began the year with MBTP. My son turned 8 last summer, so he would have been in "3rd grade". He's an advanced reader at about 5th or 6th grade level. I was concerned the 7-9 curriculum would be "too easy" because the books were very simple compared to other things he reads. The 7-9 was perfect for him. Yes, the books themselves were "easy" to read, but the assignments are challenging in regards to insight that is required and the level of writing ability. If I'd aged up, I don't believe the maturity level would have been there for him to really get value from the assignments. We are continuing with 8-10 soon.
I wouldn't recommend mixing different levels because the units for LA and science/social studies are closely linked and would seem to be more valuable done together.
That's my 2 cents! Good luck and enjoy!
NIta B
My Daughter was the same age (she will be 8 in August this year) and reading level last year. We did Age 6-8 and it has been perfect. Some of the books are easy and some have been challenging for her. The writing assignments are what she found the most challenging. Moving up a level would have been too difficult for her.
The thought process is what it is all about in this. You can easily make it more challenging advanced supplementing here and there with more advanced concepts if needed.