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Tina J
We have just recently started - actually just finishing the first Wanderer workbook and my daughter has to do a narrative essay. What I am not liking about this curriculum is it doesn't seem to help me guide her. I don't know if her essay should be 2 or 20 paragraphs - on a computer(obviously fixes errors) or on paper, take 1 hour or 6 hours - I am so lost with Moving beyond the Page and I don't where to go to get help?? The grammar section of it doesn't give enough examples to help her either. I don't know if there is some portion of the curriculum that I am missing, that will help me to guide her or am I just failing at this homeschooling thing :(
Vicki K
Spokane, WA
Hi Tina,

I'm sorry you are having a hard time with the curriculum. As you've noticed, the lessons at this level are written to the student. You DO still have a Parent Guide. The Parent Overview is in the back of each unit. It will look like the student lessons but in smaller print. That will help you to guide your child and will provide specific answers to activities. I hope this helps. I would be happy to speak with you if you would like to give me a call: (888) 316-8242

Thank you,
Elisa O
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