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Moving at a much slower pace

Timothy A
Lodi, NY
We love this curriculum but seem to be moving through it at a much slower pace!Has anyone had this same experience?
Merry D
Colorado Springs, CO
Yes! We have been using this curriculum for over a year now, and we really, really love it, but have never yet completed a unit, with every activity, in three weeks. I have resigned myself to the fact that we probably never will. We spent all of last school year working through the last section of 8-10 and skipping through the first half of 9-11. Now that I have some perspective, I realize that it took us that long to get in sync with the curriculum. It was good to go slow at first because my son was learning so many new skills and so much of the information and style of learning was new to him. I made up some time by skipping topics we had covered recently, but we still only covered about half as many units as we were supposed to.

I did get frustrated with feeling like I was always "behind." But because I know we are going to stick with this curriculum through the end, and we can't keep doing six units a year, I had to find a way to pick up the pace. This year my goal was to do at least 10 units (and by "unit" I mean we are doing both a literature unit and its corresponding science/history unit as listed on the website). I start each unit by looking over all the activities and then I pick the ones that I feel my son will benefit most from, and we spend most of our time on those. We try to at least talk through the activities we don't do so that we cover the concept, and then if we are still short on time, I sadly just accept that we have to skip something. Many concepts are repeated in future units, so the next time a topic comes up that we've glossed over in the past, I will purposely spend more time on it. But it still takes us a good 4 weeks per unit, even with skipping things. I have found that the most important thing is to keep going and not worry about finishing every unit perfectly, because the concepts and skills build on each other and he continues to get practice with things he's learned if we just keep moving forward.

Hope that helps!
Timothy A
Lodi, NY
Thank you for your comment! This is nearly the same approach I have decided to take. We were getting bogged down in the SS a bit, so decided to skip a few activities and just read so we could cover the material. The Scrambled States of America game has been a lot of fun!
Rachael W
Woodstock, GA
Hi Merry D., just saw your reply to Timothy D. and I appreciate your advice. We have the same issue--takes much longer than 3 weeks to get through a unit, and this has not changed in the 2+ years we have been using MBTP. We have resolved to streamlining the curriculum by being selective about the "activities" in each unit. I was concerned that I might be short-changing my child, but at the same time, I do not want her to fall behind her peers. It is reassuring to hear that others are using the same method. Thank you.
Angelina R
Thank you for this thread! I am experiencing the same issue with the 8-10 curriculum! Fortunately, my daughter enjoys (most of) the curriculum as much as I do so she is willing to spend more time; however, it still takes way too long to complete a unit. I have already been skipping some of the activities and just reviewing them and she still gets frustrated, as I do, that we are not completing the lessons/units in a more timely manner.
Timothy A
Lodi, NY
Angelina R.,it has taken us more than twice as long to move through Unit 1! However, we began skimming through certain activities and I feel like we have covered a lot of ground nevertheless. My daughter really enjoys the curriculum but I had to streamline it to keep her engaged. Looking forward to Unit 2!! It took us a bit to fall into a groove, hang in there!
Heather P
Porter, TX
Taking longer or shorter to complete a unit is fine. It isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Take your time. Do not feel rushed. If your child wants to complete every single activity, do it. The world will not end. Your child will thank you for giving them the time to fully engage and explore the topic.
Isabel O
Powder Springs, GA
We have been going through every item in the unit. Taking it as long as it takes. We are doing year round, but may change for next year.
Rebecca Z
Boise, ID
I agree with many of the other comments. We find it's impossible to finish in three weeks, but each unit builds so well one upon the other that we can easily lengthen or shorten units to fit our timeline. We only learn during the regular "school year" and find that we skip and activity here and there and I'm still thoroughly impressed with all that my son learns! The big picture with this curriculum is where you really see the difference! I like above by Heather P.."It isn't a sprint, it's a marathon." Yes!
Kris N
allentown, PA
I used to stress like that before. I don't anymore. It does take longer than 3 weeks, but I do not worry about that. We finish when we finish. It make take us 4-6 weeks depending. However, even in brick and mortar schools the intended curriculum is never finished you must aim for at least 75-80% at best but finish never. That's a reality. Relax girls. Just complete each book and then move to the next ... that is the beauty of homeschooling anyways.
Chrisi M
Tenakee Springs, AK
We are planning to do three concepts per year, instead of four. I look at the table of contents (on the Web site) for each unit, and pick the concepts/or individual units for the year. For the concepts/units that we are not doing, I will buy most of the books, and we'll read them over the summer, but not do those activities. For us, this is the best solution. It's such a fabulous curriculum, and I want to do every single bit of it, but I'm much less stressed this way than trying to cram it all in. There are children who devour curriculum, and this is such a great program for them! But it's great for our kiddo, too...just at a slower pace. Best wishes everyone!
I wish I had seen this post a couple of months ago! Reading everyone's comments made me feel better about breaking this down and going slower. Loved what I've seen them pick up from the info but glad to be doing it at their pace. I'd really like to hear how people that are finishing these in the time allotment are doing it! Haha!
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
Yes. Always moving slow. Never on time. Takes us a month to a month and a half to finish a book. Sometimes two months. My kids still gain a lot moving this slow. They need time to digest the information. I know as a parent you want to cover everything however in schools there are plenty of gaps and people still manage to survive the gaps. If you teach kids the basics, they will be able to fill the gaps on their own rather quickly. I was worried that my older girls didn't get enough science during elementary school and middle school. Well come high school, they were just fine. They received all As and even took classes at a Junior college. Make sure your kids have strong reading and writing and math skills and history and science will come easy in high school. In fact since we did very little history and science in the early years, the girls devoured these subjects in high school because it was something new and interesting. For those who need frontloading, MBTP is awesome. The two years one of my daughters did the purple level, she was more than prepared for high school history. Take your time with the curriculum and be sure the kids are strong critical readers and have a strong foundation in writing.