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Melissa J
Woodstock, GA
What power of microscope is recommended for concept 4, unit 2 (Cells unit)?
Jane C
Mcminnville, OR
We started the unit using a cheap microscope that I found at Goodwill some years ago for $7.99. It worked well enough and we could have finished the unit with what we had plus a little imagination. But, I ended up purchasing a better microscope from Amazon for around $80. I was able to choose one with next day delivery. I can tell you, it made the unit much more interesting.
Rachael W
Woodstock, GA
We have a good student microscope (purchased from Toys R Us for $40) with 150x - 900x magnification; however, we found it SO powerful it was actually difficult to detect details of many of the cells. Fortunately, we saw the note on "IdeaShare" for Unit 2 from a fellow homeschooler who suggested the lower power microscope (Carson Microbrite Plus, 60 - 120x LED lighted pocket microscope). It works beautifully!! We ordered it from for only $11.00. You can also have it shipped to the store for "pickup" so you don't have to pay shipping charges.
Elizabeth B
Garland, TX
Thank you for this recommendation!