MBTP- not just for secular homeschool!
Kate F c
1 years ago
I wanted to take a moment now that we are 1/2 through our first year of homeschooling and 1/2 through our MBTP curriculum to say how much we love this program! We are homeschooling our youngest child (6th grade in the 10-12 year curriculum). I have two older children- one who graduated from public high school last year, and one currently in public high school in 10th grade. All our children have attended public school exclusively up until last year. I chose MBTP because I wanted to make sure we could jump back into public school if we needed to after this year (I appreciate the common core standards listed). What I've found though is that we LOVE homeschooling! MBTP has made it seamless- open the books and go! I find that the educational content is as good and mostly superior to what my children have learned in public school. Also, I wanted to address another view. I know many parents who are secular or are professing atheists turn to MBTP for secular homeschool. We are an evangelical Christian household that cares deeply about our children's religious instruction. Despite the fact that many if not most homeschool curriculums are religiously based we chose MBTP based on a recommendation from family and after much research of curriculums online. I'm so glad we did! Not only because the educational content is top-notch, but MBTP allows for some great discussion. I really appreciate the depth that the lessons dive into, and then challenge and encourage our family to discuss our own particular belief systems. Nothing is spoon-fed! My daughter is challenged to think deeper and make multiple connections to her life and the world around her- something I've been lamenting public school has been lacking in recent years. If you are a religious family don't write MBTP off just because it's not a religious program!
Liz M c
10 months ago
I love your post! We have homeschooled since the Covid shutdown but I generally picked each class and had no formal curriculum per say. This year, I'd like to try this 10-12 MBTP. About how much time is spent each day to get through the LA, Science and Social Studies? Thank you so much!
Angela D c e
10 months ago
The Age 10-12 level for science, social studies, and language arts has about 2.5-3 hours of work a day. There is generally 30 minutes of reading, 1 hour for language arts, and one hour for science OR social studies. These two subjects alternate every three weeks. You can find a nice chart summarizing our levels and work on our Facebook page online.
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