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MBTP 9-11

monica p
Deforest, WI
I am starting the 9-11 age level with my daughter in the fall. I was trying to figure out the very first poetry unit as I looked over the curriculum. It says that the students do a lot of the work/reading on their own. I'm a little confused about the first lesson because it says to read the book, Poetry From A to Z. Are the kids supposed to do this in one sitting? Are they supposed to absorb all of the different types of poems as they go. Or are we supposed to read 3-5 pages a day? Could someone please tell me what they did and what worked for them? My daughter loves poetry but I still can't see her reading the whole book in one sitting and actually absorbing and understanding it all? What did you do? Thank you in advanced for any information and guidance. I guess I am asking this bc I want to start out on the right foot and not have her frustrated from the first day. :)
Kim H
College Station, TX
Hi Monica,

Thanks for your question. In a typical literature unit, children will read a chapter or sometimes a few chapters in a day. In this poetry unit we revisit many of the individual poems as your child works through the unit, but in this first unit the idea is to give your child a high level look at a number of different poems. She doesn't need to reflect and think deeply on each one, but she should get an idea that there are many different types of poetry. If you think that the 26 poems would be too many, encourage your child to read as many as she would like. We certainly don't want to start off the first day frustrated, and reading many of the poems would certainly get at the heart of the activity. And if she wants to read the whole thing... that is great too!

I hope this helps.

Jennifer P
Great question...I was just going to ask the same thing.