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Math "Moving Up a Level" Kits

Maureen S
Everett, WA
I'm not sure what the proper word for this is, but I'm wondering if there are any plans to make kits for people who did math at one level, so don't need all the manipulatives for the next level. For instance, we used Right Start math before MBtP released their math, then did Math 6-8, and yesterday received our Math 7-9 package and I realized I now have 3 abacuses, 3 white boards, 3 sets of counting chips, 3 sets of dice, etc. So it would be nice if there was the option to buy a Math 7-9 "upgrade from Math 6-8" materials kit. Does this make sense?
Apollina W
Stone Mountain, GA
I asked about this several months ago, too, and never received a "add-on" kit with only consumables and those manipulatives which are not part of the preceding level's kit. I don't need a new abacus every year.
Jolie H
College Station, TX
Thanks for reaching out to us with this recommendation. We are going to be looking into providing a kit for families moving up from one level to another. More information will be coming soon on this.