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Managing a younger sibling

Jennifer F
Westfield, IN
Good morning,

I am going to start on Monday with my 4 year old. However I also have a 3 year old. Will it be a problem if he wants to participate? He obviously doesn't have the motor abilities to write, but knows his letters, numbers, is starting to trace and of course will want to read the books with us as well. I figure I could let him kind of participate as he wants to, maybe give him some large tracing pictures, but not push him of course since he isn't at all ready for it. Do you think this is ok, or is it better to just not allow him so he doesn't feel bad about not being able to do something?

Thank you!
Angela D
La Grande, OR
I think that most homeschooling families allow younger children to participate in the learning. If your child is interested, you should encourage that. Love of learning is the ultimate goal. It is fairly simple to have your younger child listen to the stories. I would simply have extra art supplies...paper, markers, stickers, etc. so that he can make his own work as well. You may find that he can make letters in sand or shaving cream even though he may not be ready to hold a pencil. He may also be able to make letters out of yarn or sticks. Let him be creative and participate when he wants without pushing too hard. This can be fun for the whole family!