Age 11-13 notify me

long, long days

Karen E
Hedgesville, WV
I love this curriculum, but this is the first year that we have planned to use the whole thing, all year for all three subject areas. My struggle is that often my daughter cannot complete the lessons in 1.5 hours. She is taking forever to do school each day. We chose MBTP because it is fun and engaging, but I fear that pushing her to keep on schedule will take the joy out of it. Should I skip activities or should I skip a unit or two and give her more time to complete the units thoroughly? I want to include Latin and music in her day and I want her to help with household chores and there is not enough time in the day.
Has anyone else faced this problem or do I just have a slow poke?
Myriam Lee C
Lucedale, MS
We have the same problem and we just have Language Arts and Social Studies from MBTP. There are a lot of activities and research in both subjects. I will start skipping some activities to see how it goes and if its not enough, we will try to do less units. We love love this curriculum!!!
Holly T
Newton, NC
We love the curriculum but some of the lessons require a lot of time. I do NOT want to rush my kids nor have them feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done in a given day. If I do that, I feel that they will end up dreading the program rather than looking forward to it. My son just turned 12 and I also have a 9 year old using the 9-11 curriculum. Right now, we are choosing to allow a total of 5 weeks per unit - roughly 3 lessons each week in each Language Arts and Social Studies. We are using a different science curriculum. This allows time for lessons to be completed thoroughly and accurately without rushing and allows for adequate time for the end of unit projects. As we move along, we might try to do more - but this works and allows time for their other subjects.
Rachael W
Woodstock, GA
We have the same issue, not enough time in the day. I think your best advice will come from the curriculum developers at MBTP, but I think that being more selective with your unit activities (deciding which ones to leave out) is a better idea than skipping entire units. There are valuable skills being taught in each unit and I'd worry that your child would be missing these if you skip them. We are trying to complete a unit every month (as outlined in the MBTP year-long plan) but in order to do this we have to skip some of the less important activities. You'll notice that some of the activities are critical to expanding your child's knowledge of the subject matter, but other activities seem to be more extension activities. Again, the best advice will come from the staff at MBTP.