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Learning Gates quiz for 6-8 Math curriculum?

Cindy M
Hi there. We purchased the 6-8 full curriculum AND the 6-8 math curriculum, and the math books just came in. we started the first lesson today, and at the end it says "have your child complete the Learning Gates quiz for this lesson on our iPad app or a web browser at" BUT, the problem is, we only seem to be able to access the quizzes associated with the full curriculum, and the math quiz for the first math lesson the full curriculum (numbers 1-5) doesn't match up with the first lesson in the math curriculum (patterns). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi cindy,

The Age 6-8 Math Quizzes are now available. You can activate this course by selecting the "Available Course List" link from the bottom of the Learning Gates quiz page.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cindy M
Great, thank you for fixing that! And so fast! I really appreciate it. Cindy