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Just bought 7-9 full year - where is the "start here" information to help with planning?

Elizabeth G
Southlake, TX
Hello, all. Next year will be our second year homeschooling ; I have an 8, 6 and 5 year old. This year we cobbled together different curriculums and we did a lot of work together as a group. For next year, I bought the 7-9 curriculum for my oldest and plan to continue doing a variety of different thigs with my younger boys. I just got the curriculum in and I am a bit overwhelmed. I don't really understand where to start and was kind of hoping for a weekly/monthly plan. Is there one? How many weeks/days is the curriculum designed to take?

Currently, we homeschool more or less year round (usually 5 weeks on, 1 week off) and only school M-Th, with Friday for fun educational games. I would like to continue doing the same schedule. Does anyone follow a schedule like this with MBTP? Also, does anyone bring their younger kids to join some of the science/social studies activities? Does the curriculum lend itself to that? I worry about how I am going to teach all that my oldest needs with MBTP as well as teaching my younger boys. Is some of the 7-9 curriculum independent where I could set her up and then go teach my younger ones? I am open to all ideas and suggestions, as I am generally feeling overwhelmed at the idea of giving everyone what they need.
Hi! Moving Beyond the Page is flexible enough that you can continue a 4 day/year-round schedule. The units are usually about 3 weeks long, so you may want to take that into consideration when planning your breaks.

This page is usually very helpful, particularly the video:

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We're happy to help!
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Please know that there is a Getting Started section on our website that you should view when you receive your materials. The best part of that section is a video that will walk you through how to organize your days and materials. ( Just know that every day you are schooling at the Age 7-9 level, you complete one lesson in each subject area (language arts, science or social studies, and math). That is 3 lessons per day of schooling. If you take a day off, have a field trip, or life happens, you can take any day off and when you get back to lesson a day. It is this flexibility that makes the curriculum so easy to follow!