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Is there much repetition?

Angel D
Haysville, KS
We are half way through our year using the 6-8 curriculum (6 year old {1st grade} and almost 8 year old {2nd grade}). Teaching them together has really worked for us time wise. I was wondering if we continue with the age groups as is and not skipping any, will there be much repetition? I know the 6 year old has been challenged. The almost 8 year old doesn't seem to be too challenged and I am worried about him getting bored with the work if it just repeats too much. Any advice is much appreciated!!
Angela D
La Grande, OR
There isn't too much repetition through the age groups. There is some "spiral learning" especially when it comes to science. Every few years, you will come back to a subject and learn more advanced material about it. For instance, in Age 6-8 you learn that forces make things move, at the 8-10 you learn about the basic forces of motion, at the 10-12 you learn more advanced physics concepts surrounding force and motion, and at the 11-13 level you are prepped for high school level physics. You will also see this with other science and some social studies topics. My children have used this curriculum for 6 years and I do not feel that there is a lot of repetition at all from level to level. It progresses quite smoothly.
I've been using Moving Beyond the Page for 6 years, and I've yet to feel like it repeats. As Angela described above, there is some spiraling, but that makes things fun and interesting. I've not had children close enough in age/ability to teach them together, but I don't see you having a problem with everything feeling fresh from year to year and unit to unit.