AGE 4-5
Interest and attention
Haleigh K c
4 years ago
Some of the books and lessons are 0% interesting to my child. I have used ways to encourage her but some books she just doesn't care for. Did you encounter this? Anyone feel conflicting emotions about it? I encourage her curiosity and interest in other areas and feel unauthentic by forcing her to learn about things she's not necessarily interested in. Any insight?
Angela D c e
4 years ago
I am surprised to hear that you are having such an issue with the interest level for your child. My daughters have yet to find a book they don't enjoy or a lesson which does not spark some level of interest. And we have used this curriculum for four years. I hate to point this out but there will be many things to learn in life that may not be 100% interesting. The goal may be more to work on motivation and perseverance. Two books which may be of interest to you: 1. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, and 2. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Both of these books discuss ways in which to motivate our children to learn and persevere. Incredibly important attributes for success in life.
Haleigh K c
4 years ago
Well, we do have different children so I'm not surprised at the difference in their interests and focus �� I'll check out those books.
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