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Individualized Curriculum

Laura S
My son is 12 and is finishing sixth grade. He excels in Math and has been doing the seventh-grade math curriculum. However, he is a little behind in Language Arts, especially in reading comprehension. He is on the autism spectrum. Math has always been his strength but needs extra help with writing and comprehension. He is fine with science and social studies. Which level of resources do you recommend for him? 11-13. I can purchase items individually to customize learning for him? Thank you.
Vicki K
Spokane, WA
Hi Laura,

I would suggest using our Placement Assessments. You can find those here: Our Language Arts curriculum does build on itself. It is best to go through the units in order to ensure that your son doesn't miss a skill that could be a foundation for later learning.

Yes, you can purchase individual items from our website. Once you are on the main purchase page, you will see a link to "Purchase Individual Items". I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,