Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Children notify me

I have used this curriculum for five children thus far.

Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
Two children are bright kids and they enjoyed the curriculum. I just was overwhelmed with a special needs preschool and nonverbal toddler that I could not do it with the twins for very long.
Their younger sister who is now a sophomore in hs used it for 7th grade. She did 7th grade level for 7th and 8th grade and this child has learning disabilities with a lower than average IQ. After using this curriculum for two years my daughter jumped ahead several grades and is no longer needing IEP services for ELA, history and science. She still struggles with math and I believe had you guys had a math curriculum she would have been fine.
My 10 years old boy diagnosed with autism, and adhd and has speech, ot and resource. He started with the preschool program and worked slowly with that during TK, K and part of 1st grade. Then with the next level (red level) for about half a year or so. We didn't do it for a year because I was dabbling in something else to see if we could increase his endurance in writing with a regular textbook and workbook. The regular textbook and workbooks worked well but it plateaued in interesting projects and ideas. My son likes to discuss things deeply. He has jumped up to the yellow level. 7-9years. I decided to pick this level even though he is 10years old based on the suggestion of his OT who said the handwriting part would be difficult for him at the next level (green). He writes really big!
Now my youngest son is 6yrs old. He has autism, epilepsy and apraxia. Learning is very very hard for him but we are going through the preschool program very slowly and he is able to answer all the questions in the books. And loves all the crafts. I see him growing in all areas as a result of this curriculum.
So this curriculum can work for all types of kids. Just modify and slow down if needed. Can take two or three years to finish a level if you need and add in extra stuff if they get stuck. We have had to pause to work on more phonics for example at times before we could move on. I hope this helps other people.
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Thank you for your lovely comments! It is nice to hear that our curriculum is working well for your children. It is our hope that all children can benefit from a high-quality curriculum.