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How much preparedness will I need to do?

Jamie F
Big Spring, TX
I've read through some of the forum posts, and I see where parents will expand on a topic and then use the library for more books, info etc. Is this something that's recommended? Is there suggested reading and suggested activities for expanding learning on a topic? I'm not so good at coming up with the "beyond curriculum" extensions. Thank you!
Vicki K
Spokane, WA
Hi Jamie,

Everything required for a comprehensive lesson is included. There is no requirement to go deeper into a topic unless you want to. If your child shows an interest in learning more or diving deeper into a topic, it's easy to look up more information online, or checking out additional books. Be assured that your child WILL get in-depth knowledge of the topics covered in each lesson. :)

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,