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How do you space out your MBTP curriculum?

Jennifer A
Colorado Springs, CO
Hello! we're excited to begin the comprehensive curriculum but I'm curious as to how other families space the lessons? Some lessons have a number of days suggested next to them and others do not. I'm guessing a whole lesson should last a week or slightly more?
Rachael W
Woodstock, GA
Hi Jennifer, we use the "suggested days" as a guideline. Depending on whether or not we decide to skip an activity, or conversely, to delve deeper into a subject, the time it takes to finish a lesson will vary. In general, we try to pace ourselves so that we do not take any longer than 4 - 6 weeks per unit (we are on the year-round schedule). Along with MBTP, we also study a foreign language, math program, and other extra courses, so it is rare that we are able to complete all of the MBTP lessons according to their suggested timeframes. Additionally, you will find that it may take shorter/longer for certain lessons or activities to be completed depending upon your child's abilities (writing, reading comprehension, planning skills, etc.). One thing you won't have to worry about with MBTP is that your child will run out of challenging things to do--the program is chock full of enrichment and extension activities.
Samantha M
Murray Bridge, South Australia
One lesson per day is how it is designed. If the lesson has a day 2 etc it means its a longer lesson and goes over an extra day. If you do a lesson a week you will never finish the course in a year.