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How do you line up the lessons?

Breanna D
Hi all, new homeschooling mama here! I am doing a distance learning program through my charter school, and they provide the curriculum. They have provided me first with concept #3 in both LA & SS/Science. My question is this. With the Witch of Blackbird Pond/Colonization&Revolution I have 11 lessons in the LA & only 7 lessons in the SS book. How do you all typically line those up? Do you do 2 SS lessons to every 4 LA lessons? I would love to hear your lesson plans on this, as I'm totally stumped! I would love to line up the SS lessons with the LA lessons. Thanks so much!
Lakshmi K
Madison, IN
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Virginia N
Allentown, PA
The schedule says a Lesson a day of each. Generally, the lining up part has already been done for us. So just follow the 1 lesson a day per subject. I feel the lessons go very well together.
rachel h
i just got my curriculum in the mail and i have all these books,novels,and,workbooks laid out on the floor trying to organize them into the units they go with and in order from the 1st unit to the last,but Im so overwhelmed. One of the reasons I liked this one was because the video said it had a structured plan I could follow,because I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around how to plan each day with all of this material but I'm not seeing a structured plan for what to do each day am i missing something or am i on my own to figure out where to start
Vicki K
Spokane, WA
Hi Rachel,

Getting your first box can definitely be overwhelming! When your order was processed, you should have received an email with a link to our Getting Started page: Once on this page, go ahead and click on the 9-11 level. This will bring you to a page that will include a video for how to organize your materials. Also on this page, you will find the Age 9-11 Year at a Glance. This will show you the order of the units, as well as the books that go with those units. We also include scheduling worksheets that you can use. This should help you get organized, and understand what you received. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Elizabeth J
Irmo, SC
So thankful for the reminder to view the getting started link. I was a little overwhelmed myself. Thanks!!