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High School 1 - Nonfiction "A Long Way Gone" Replacement
Angelia D c
1 years ago
I'm seeing if anyone has used a different memoir instead of A Long Way Gone to pair up with I Am Malala. I've already taught it and really do like A Long Way Gone, but I have two sensitive high schoolers this year that I'm teaching that I'm pretty sure they won't be able to handle A Long Way Gone based off the nightmares they got from To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lottery, and Harrison Bergeron. Their mom has agreed to try to have them read I Am Malala, but we think A Long Way Gone's description of violence and death might be too much for them. The other students in the class will read A Long Way Gone, but I want to give them something else to read.
1 years ago
Hi Angelia! If you don't get a timely answer here, you may want to check the Moving Beyond the Page Facebook group as well.
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