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Grammatical error in Handy Guide to Writing and Grammar

Shelly B
Cary, NC
On page 5, the heading is "Writers Guide" with no apostrophe. Hey, at least it teaches the concept of irony. :)
Keith H
College Station, TX
I know this post is three years old, but I just came across it and wanted to respond since it is on the Internet. The short story is that this is not an error, and it was done intentionally. The issue is fuzzy, and it's more a matter of style than rules.

If you have a citizens group, it is a group for citizens, not one owned by them. Similarly, a tailors guild is not possessed by the tailors who join the guild. In these cases, "citizens" and "tailors" are actually nouns that modify other nouns. The Associated Press Stylebook calls them "descriptive phrases," while The Chicago Manual of Style refers to them as "attributive forms." The case with our Writers Guide title seemed like a descriptive phrase/attributive form: the guide was designed for writers, not owned by them. We also have a Kids Guide to Japan that gets the same type of comments.

Anyway. Thanks for the comment, and I am sorry we didn't respond sooner so we could have a conversation about it.