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Maria C
Salem, OR
I have two sons who are almost 11 years old. I am considering starting them on 10-12. My question is exactly what do I need to purchase for 2 children if I choose (1) print version and (2) online version? Also, I am assuming that there is a considerable amount of printing out I would need to do if I chose online, is that correct?
Vicki K
Valley, WA
Hi Maria,

Thank you for your interest in Moving Beyond the Page!

If you choose to use the hard-copy print version, I would suggest ordering one full-year package, which will include the curriculum, manipulatives, and literature. For the second sibling you would just need the consumable package, which will include another full set of the curriculum, another fossil excavation kit, and the clay. This link will take you to what is included in the consumable package:

If you use the online version, you will only need to purchase the one full-year online curriculum. You would then print two copies of the student activity sheets (one for each of your sons). I would then suggest ordering a fossil excavation kit and the clay so each son has their own.

I hope that helps to clarify your options. On a side note, I would also recommend giving your sons our placement assessment, just to ensure that you are ordering the correct level. This link will take you to those assessments.

Please let me know if I can help you with any further questions.

Thank you,

Kim R
We will use this next year while we are traveling around the US. Is there a list somewhere (or does anyone have one) of the curriculum for the year based on area of the US? For example, there are units/lessons on Civil Rights and Slavery. I want to do these while we are traveling in the South to incorporate field trips. There are other units that are non-US based, such as the World Wars, which we could do while traveling in a part of the US that doesn't have a unit attached to it. Since I don't have the curriculum yet, I'm looking for a list so I can start planning for next year. Thanks!